Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 23: Day of Mystery, part 2

Progress or Distraction?

Session 39
Attended: Alex, Brendon, David & Loreal
Venue: Alex & Chevonne’s

Covers events on Geheimnistag.

insert log here

GM’s Summary:
Breaking into the Komission for Trade, the party finds a record suggesting the key herb, elvenhair, that was used to poison the children the night before, was likely imported to a nearby warehouse owned by the Komission. Investigating there, a bunch of revellers arrive from the Carnival and enter the warehouse, leaving Willow trapped inside while the others remain scattered outside. Willow witnesses the revellers beginning a ritual that will likely result in the sacrifice of the kidnapped children, and takes a drastic risk to disrupt the apparent cultists. This works, and the rest of the party begins picking off cultists trying to chase her out the building. Odric is severely injured and most of the cultists escape into the dark city, under Morrslieb’s glow. The watch seizes the building and the children are placed under the care of the Cult of Ulric.


Spatula Spatula

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