Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 25: Narrensprung

Hounds ever at their heels

Session 41
Attended: Alex, Brendon, David & Loreal
Venue: Alex & Chevonne’s

Covers events on 2 Nachgeheim.

insert log here

GM’s Summary:
Alric tries his hand at the challenges to the champion again, winning two slow, underwhelming quarterstaff battles, one against the Talabeclander from the day before and another against a Bretonnian named Piers, who he befriends afterwards with gifts of ale and new armour. The party try their luck at the archery again, with Adelyn beating the day’s shooters handily, but with the over all tourney medal going to Allavandrel Fanmaris. A second attempt to break into Gotthard Goebbels’s manor is called off due to much-increased guard patrols, while an attempt to sneak into the Merchants’ guild offices fails dismally from the start, with Alric almost cornered and caught by a number of guards.


Spatula Spatula

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