Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 26: Champion!

The Answer to the Question

Session 42
Attended: Alex, Brendon, David & Loreal
Venue: Alex & Chevonne’s

Covers events on 3 Nachgeheim.

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GM’s Summary:
Alric wins the final day of challenges, becoming the reigning Champion of Middenheim for 2512/2513. This affords him a chance to meet with the military leaders in the Palace, and to ask Chancellor Sparsam to excuse him from paying taxes over the next year (not to mention getting a clear explanation of the official system for creating new taxes). Sparsam agrees, in exchange for the new Champion’s informal escort on the way to and from the opera that evening, for psychological as well as physical protection. Adelyn also arranges for Alric to take Petra Liebkosen to the opera. Piers finds a place as a reserve player for the Castle Rock Coaches snotling football team and his few minutes on the pitch in their first game are quite successful, putting the little greenskin in the net in the last minute of play. Willow enters her pony in the horse show, but fails to win a blue ribbon. Alric delivers the Chancellor safely, then disappoints Petra by haggling openly with Adelyn over the scalped tickets found only at the last minute, which are for quite poor seats. Shortly after, Doctor Pavarotti insists Adelyn and Willow join him in his private box. Willow takes this opportunity to spy on Sparsam in his box, expecting him to be meeting someone there. Instead, he was on his own, inhaling some white powder. Alric ultimately returned to the Templar’s Arms to meet with Piers, while Adelyn and Willow went back to Pavarotti’s rooms. But as Adelyn had tried to slip him elvenhair poison again, he merely got sleepy and had a servant escort them out to a late dinner in the Outer Palace. There, Rallane, also recently returned from the opera, answered their questions about who might have influenced the Graf into accepting the latest tax reforms.


Spatula Spatula

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