Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 29: The Taunting Green Moon, part 2

A last burst of effort...

Session 48
Attended: Alex, Brendon, David & Loreal
Venue: Alex & Chevonne’s

Covers events on 6 Nachgeheim.

insert log here

GM’s Summary:
Adelyn takes the recovering Willow down the sewers to see the abandoned Beastmen camp, while Piers charts the sewers as best he can and Alric finds the Ar-Ulric to inform him of the camp site’s discovery. The Ar-Ulric promises to send experts to investigate. Checking in with the city’s criminal elements, the party find that Joseph the information peddler is interested in buying what they’ve learned so far, and in return gives them some idea of the drug trade conducted through The Pit tavern. They buy some laughing powder there and bribe the barman to tell them when a woman matching the description given by Chancellor Sparsam could be found buying her stock from him (which should be the evening of the 7th).


Spatula Spatula

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