Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 29: The Taunting Green Moon, part 3

A last burst of effort...

Session 49
Attended: Alex, Brendon & Loreal
Venue: Alex & Chevonne’s

Covers events on 6 Nachgeheim.

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GM’s Summary:
A stop at the Opera reveals that, among many others, Gotthard Goebbels is watching the performance, so the party decides to try to raid his mansion again. Information bought from a local thief suggests that entering via the roof might be easiest, and this seems to bear out. Exploring the upper levels reveals both signs of Chaos, including letters in Goebbels’s office from Margritte von Wittgenstein, and a lot of sex-related activity. One room combines both, when a Beast of Two Backs attacks the party. All indications suggest that the occupants are members of the Jade Scepter.

Downstairs, Adelyn and Willow are almost drawn into a Slaaneshi orgy of Chaos, under the influence of some magic pipe, but Alric kills the piper and sets fire to the building. After some fighting against lesser demons and house guards, Goebbels is killed, his body reverting to the corrupted and malformed appearance of Gotthard von Wittgenstein. The authorities accept the City Champions explanation about rooting out Chaos, and the building is allowed to burn to the ground.


Spatula Spatula

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