Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 30: The Traitor Unmasked, part 2

Exploring the relationship between knowledge and power

Session 51
Attended: Alex & David
Venue: Alex’s

Covers events on 7 Nachgeheim.

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GM’s Summary:
Following Josef’s last lead, Alric and Piers find a secret hideout below an abandoned building, and successfully kill or capture all of its occupants. There is some sign that Ehrlich‘s niece might have been held here, but she clearly isn’t anymore and the surviving occupants struggle to remain conscious long enough to be interrogated. They are delivered to the Cathedral of Ulric for further examination.

In the mean time, a visit to the palace, with the support of Katarina Todbringer, ends with no progress, as her large entourage of servants make it impossible to sneak past the Knights Panther into the locked chambers of Law Lord Hoflich. She does, at the very least, appear to take the threat against her father seriously.

Following this, Alric decides to break into Wasmeier‘s house, with Piers and Karl Matthaus’s street starfish providing some initial distractions. Alric’s snooping yields little, and a chance encounter with a servant soon escalates to melee against several household staff, with the Watch following close behind. Alric finds a hidden exit to the stables, where an odd spike-covered wagon appears to be stored, apparently empty. Alric sets fire to it, then turns his attention to the pair of warhorses stabled there. Before he can finish, there is a massive explosion. The very badly burned Alric Konrad struggles to escape the concerned crowd trying to tend his injuries, eventually making his way back to the Templar’s Arms Inn.


Spatula Spatula

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