Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 30: The Traitor Unmasked, part 3

Exploring the relationship between knowledge and power

Session 52
Attended: Alex & Brendon
Venue: Alex’s

Covers events on 7 Nachgeheim.

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GM’s Summary:
Alric and Adelyn pursue their investigation further by pressing Katarina to force the palace guards to allow them into Hoflich’s room. Inside, they find his dead body. Soon, a plot to kill the Graf is revealed, and they arrive in the throne room only just soon enough to find a Doppleganger Boris choking the real Boris. The assassin is killed and Boris, upon hearing the party’s story, sends them to fetch him Wasmeier. He has already left the city on foot, and is caught just as he magically wrecks the viaduct leading up to the city behind him, almost sending Adelyn plummeting to her death. Alric strikes him severely, but Wasmeier retaliates by spewing burning acid-blood all over Alric, completely incapacitating him. Adelyn finishes the job, but when they return to the palace, the Graf’s only reward is to expel them from the Empire.


Spatula Spatula

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