Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 3: Panacea (part 2)

Worse than the Disease

Session 7
Attended: Alex, Brendon, Francois, Scot & Stef
Venue: Alex & Francois’s

Covers events on 29 to 31 Nachexen.

As told by Adelyn Zumwald:

Account of the last few days.

The day after Alric and I liberated a religious relic out of the hands of a chaos worshiping demon philanderer (That sight will haunt me till my grave). The group were informed that a townsman came in ranting us about a horde of Orcs approaching. So we decided that we would split the group in half. Half staying in town to insure the boats safety and the other half will go scout out and see if this townsman was telling the truth or just as crazy little man. There was smoke in the distance, not quite the way the townsman pointed us, but it was a good direction to start.

So we went off towards the smoke. After a day’s travel we found this little mining village which was the source of the smoke. After establishing that they knew nothing and were useless, we tried to see if we could see any other signs of Orcs. After seeing movement far in the distance in the hills, after much debated we decided to do the intelligent and not so testosteronie thing and get some rest and set out on the morrow.

We set out set out to intercept the Orcs and get some details of the nasty Orcs numbers. After bumping into what looked like a Orc argument we established that 40 Orcs were heading to the mining village then probably to the town. Alric volunteered to go back to town and inform the village, while Imhol, Grombil and I went to warn and save the mining village. After Many hours of running we made it to the mining village just in time. Goblins riding these horrible beasts were attacking. We took them smelly green goblins down in no time but one managed to escape to warn the hoard. After establishing there were 80 Orcs now not 40. We realised we need to the out of there quick and back to town. On the way back we encountered 7 Orc, rather than running we bravely attacked, taking our foes down with minimal losses. The might Orcs lay dead at our feet. We then high tailed it back to town, where we got a little rest before the mighty battle.

60 Orcs approached the town from 3 different sides. As they approached I let loose the flame of my magnificent plan and engulfed in flame half the orcs approaching the middle. The battle in sued, arrows flying, axes decapitating, swords impaling. The local towns guard were nearly on their knees when our mighty party slayed the leader sending the orcs running. The dwarf then started acting slightly crazy cutting off Orc heads and running around as they dripped blood all over him, but hay we all go to have our fun some time and this must be a dwarf thing.

GM’s Summary:
With news of a large Orc force roaming the area, the party determined to help defend the town of Weissbruck, and so set out to scout out the orcs. After some time roaming the woods in the direction of the Skaag Hills, they reached a small mining outpost and from there were able to spot orcs headed towards the town. After a day of moving to intercept these, they realised the orcs had changed course and were headed instead for the miners. Rushing to rescue them, they arrived exhausted at the mine in time to fight off some wolf-riding goblin scouts, but one of these escaped. Together with the evacuated miners, they rushed back to Weissbruck, encountering a smaller band of orcs along the way. In town, they had a few hours to catch up on sleep before the horde arrived, trying to bash through two of the town’s gates and through the canal. The party split up to join the three groups of town defenders at each location, and successfully cut off the central gate attack. The canal attack was severely weakened, but the second gate attack was more successful, breaking through quickly and killing a number of the defenders. The orcs’ leader, Boss Morbog Throatslitta, joined this part of the attack, but was taken down by the party, whereupon the rest of the orcs fled. Grombil claimed the orc boss’s great axe for himself and the party were hailed as heroes, with a feast the next day. Losses had been roughly equal on both sides.


+10% XP to Adelyn, redeemed at the end of Chapter 4.

Spatula Spatula

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