Graf Boris Todbringer

Elector-Count for Middenheim


The ruler of the City of Middenheim and its substantial army, and one of the Electors of the Empire, and so one of the most powerful people in the Old World. Graf Boris, however, had not been well for some time, according to his minstrel, Rallane Lafarel. Complicating matters, his first wife Maria’s son, Stefan, has never been mentally suitable for leadership, while Stefan’s half-brother, Heinrich, and half-sister, Katarina, are both illegitimate. The Graf’s second wife, Anike-Elise, died childless.

The party finally met the Graf at the end of thr 2512 Carnival Week, saving him from a Doppleganger assassin. In return for this service, he opted not to have them all killed to conceal all the secrets they’d learned about his city officials, and instead merely banished them all from the Empire.

Graf Boris Todbringer

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