Ernst Heidlemann

Student Physician and Chaos Cultist


Ernst was first encountered at the Coach and Horses Inn, on his way to study in Altdorf, although nobody asked his name at the time. He was intending to travel on the same coach as the party, until it was stolen. When the party underwent the Ritual of Blaidd Drwg and returned to that scene, they saw him again, but still didn’t interact with him. They later happened to spot him boarding a coach leaving Altdorf and then crossing the ferry at Kemperbad and riding away at a gallop.

In reality, he was a member of the Cult of the Red Crown. He wwas sent by his superiors from Altdorf to help his fellow cultist, Etelka Herzen, in a search for Dagmar von Wittgenstein’s lost warpstone meteorite. The party followed this pair to Signal Tower #2, surprised them in their sleep and managed to kill both.

Ernst Heidlemann

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