Gotthard Goebbels

Kommission Convenor & Guildmaster


A relatively young man, considering his dual roles as Convenor of the City Komission on Commerce, Trade, and Taxation, and Chairman of the Governing Body of the Merchants’ Guild of Middenheim. He seemed to spend a great deal of time drinking and revelling wildly in the Carnival with with a wild retinue of similarly wealthy people, some of whom were connected with the Cult of the Jade Scepter. The party tried to break into his home and offices multiple times, with little success, and so the number of guards was substantially increased. When they finally succeeded in getting in, they found evidence to suggest that Goebbels was in fact the missing Gotthard von Wittgenstein, younger son of the Chaos-tainted barony, and a high-ranking member of the Jade scepter. He was killed by the party outside his home and his body presented to the Watch as proof of Chaotic nature.

Physically, he had some resemblance to the von Wittgensteins, but had blonde hair, unlike the black hair seen in portraits of the Baron’s absent son, Gotthard von Wittgenstein. Only when he was attacked directly and slain did his appearance revert to a distorted and clearly Chaos-warped version that was more obviously a von Wittgenstein mutant.

Gotthard Goebbels

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