The Apotheosis of Ranald

Painting of Ranald's Ascension to Godhood


This obscure, antique painting by da Venzio depicts the artist’s impression of disease-ridden Ranald drinking Shallya’s tears, thus becoming a god himself. The crossed fingers, Ranald’s symbol, indicate that he is pulling a scam. This event is considered seminal by Ranaldists, but entirely apocryphal by Shallyans, who prefer to keep the story from spreading.


Adelyn Zumwald was commissioned by Ranaldists in Weissbruck to retrieve the painting from the home of Imperial Justice Ignatius Sundler. It was found hidden in his basement, along with some sort of Daemon. The house was burned to the ground and the painting turned over to Herr Grunberry.

A few weeks later, the party were tasked by Grunberry to convey the painting to its proper home in Marienburg, in the hands of Hans von Kleptor, who turned out to quite closely resemble the painting’s portrayal of Ranald.

The Apotheosis of Ranald

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