Sigmarite Rune-sword

weapon (melee)

Craftsmanship: Best
Enc: 45
Group: Ordinary
Damage: SB
Qualities: None
1. Ignores target’s non-magical armour.
2. Any attacks against dwarves automatically suffer -20% penalties to WS and -2 damage.

When wielded, the blade seems to shimmer in and out of visibility, leaving only a trace of the Dwarven runes inscribed along it visible.


Clearly a Dwarf-forged blade, finely constructed and decorated with gems and runes spelling out its name, “Barrakul”, with a matching leather scabbard. Barrakul means “Hope of the Mountains.”

During the reign of Emperor Boris II, it belonged to a Templar of Sigmar named Siegfried von Kesselring. Von Kesselring, armed with Barrakul, died successfully defending the newly-built temple in Wittgendorf from a mighty Warrior of Chaos leading a band of Beastmen, and was interred in the crypts below the temple, along with his sword.

In 2512, Alric Konrad and Adelyn Zumwald came to the temple and Alric claimed Barrakul from von Kesselring’s sarcophagus.


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