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  • Bretonnia

    Ruler: King Louen Leoncoeur Estimated Population: 3,500,000 Bretonnia is a kingdom located in the Old World, west of the [[Grey Mountains]] and the [[Empire]]. Its current king is Louen Leoncoeur. Carefully protected by its brave and honourable …

  • Piers de Bastonne

    Character Sheet: [[:piers-de-bastonne]] Date of Birth: Unknown (2489ish?) !http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq70/cdsham/warhammer/piersdebastonne_zpsa6c3ff9a.png(Piers de Bastonne)! Insert player’s description here.

  • Phillipe Descartes

    Phillipe is a traveller from [[Bretonnia]], encountered at the [[Coach and Horses Inn]] during Nachexen of 2523. Always eager for a drink or a game, he was due to travel together with the party to [[Altdorf]], before their coach was stolen.

  • Doctor Jean Rousseaux

    Doctor Rousseaux was a [[Bretonnia|Bretonnian]] living in [[Wittgendorf]], apparently very close with [[:margritte-von-wittgenstein]], where he served as the local physician. In this role, he conspired to serve the villagers poisons for Margritte His …

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