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  • Undead

    !(media-item-align-right){width:400px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/92070/Warhammer_Undead_by_Wiggers123.jpg(Warhammer Undead by wiggers123)!"Undead" is a collective name for a number of creatures that are physically dead and yet behave as if alive …

  • Brunhilde Gratten

    Brunhilde was encountered by the party in the form of a ghost, haunting the [[Devil's Bowl]]. She had been murdered "a long time ago" by [[Dagmar von Wittgenstein]], stabbed repeatedly in the side while she slept, along with the rest of his expedition …

  • Captain Georg Hegel

    Georg Hegel had apparently once been captain of the [[Castle Wittgenstein]] guards, but had deceased at some point. Even so, he carried on as an animated skeleton, residing in a tower in the Outer Bailey, along with half a dozen lesser skeleton guards. …

  • Wittgenstein's Monster

    [[:margritte-von-wittgenstein]] created this bizarre monstrosity in her tower at [[Castle Wittgenstein]], apparently from pieces of multiple cadavers. Although very tough, it was eventually killed by the party.

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