Beastmen by wiggers123Beastmen are partly human and partly animal creatures. Their minds too are a hybrid of man and beast; although they have the intelligence of humans, they employ it with the savage cunning of a wild animal.

Beastman are known as the Children of Chaos, and this is true quite literally, for they are unnatural creatures, born from men and beasts when Chaos first brought its scourges upon the world in the cataclysmic Time of Chaos.

Throughout the world, Beastmen thrive upon the edges of civilization, raiding isolated farmsteads, villages, and other settlements. They are most numerous towards the north, such as the dark forests that cover the Empire and the harsh wildernesses of Kislev. They are found in the greatest numbers throughout the Chaos Wastes of the northern and southern polar regions.

Gors are the most common type, distinguished by the fact they possess horns. Gors are a broad class comprising more specific types. Below the Gors are the lowly breeds which look to them for leadership.

As befits such a primal and warlike race, the only social unit is the warband, called the warherd. Each warherd is led by the most powerful and intimidating Gor who is called a Wargor. The most powerful Wargors dominate several warbands and are known as Beastlords. The spiritual leaders of the warherds are the Bray-Shamans, who speak the will of the Chaos Gods.

The rivalry between different warherds runs deep. On occasion some or even many warherds are united by a ruthless and powerful warlord into a large savage horde. Although a rather undisciplined force, when led by an proper leader they can be very dangerous indeed.

Warherds are nomadic, living in temporary camps hidden within wildernesses such as forests. Caves near running water and with a good view of the surrounding terrain are considered the ideal camps. Eventually, after raiding nearby settlements, the warherd moves on, establishing a new camp some distance away. Clashes often result between two warherds over a particular territory.

A warherd comprises the many breeds of Beastmen as well as the other allied Creatures of Chaos such as Dragon Ogres, the monstrous Minotaurs, Centigors, and Chaos Warhounds. Beastmen generally disregard the use of anything but close combat weapons, as their instincts in battle are almost purely on closing with the enemy and fighting in direct combat.

Bestigors, the largest and most ferocious Gors, are supplied with the best armaments of the warherd, and usually wield halberds in battle.


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