Border Princes

Estimated Population: 25,000

The Border Princes, south of the Empire and between Tilea and the Southlands, is a natural destination for many emigrating peasants and nobles, seeking a better life. Most of these colonists come from the Empire while others come from Tilea or even Bretonnia. Many of them are political or religious refugees, but the region is also the natural destination for deserters and/or criminals on the run from the law.

In former times the Border Princes were largely inhabited by savage tribes of Greenskins but now the land is fiercely disputed by the hardy human colonists and many Orc and Goblin tribes. The human colonists are tentatively organized in tiny kingdoms, small principalities, and independent city-states, but most of them are little better than fortified villages. All of them are targets of fierce Orc incursions and most of them don’t survive for very long.

The colonists are somewhat stronger in the north-west while the Greenskin hordes dominate the south-east. Even in the north some Orc and Goblin tribes live in hard-to-reach places like forests and mountains. In the centre of the whole region lies Barak Varr, the great seaport of the Dwarves. The Blood River is the ultimate frontier, but no place north of the river is completely safe from the occasional Orc or Goblin raid.

Border Princes

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