Primary thanks have to go to Jonny Nexus for getting me interested in WFRP in the first place. It’s demonstrably all his fault.

Combined Authors: Paul Adler, Jim Bambra, Paul Cockburn, Lea Crowe, Graeme Davis, Timothy Eccles, Lief Eriksson, John Foody, Phil Gallagher, Peter Gifford, Richard Halliwell, Stefan Karlsson, Jody Macgregor, Phil Masters, Sean Masterson, Michael D. Mearls, Sandy Mitchell, Paul Murphy, Alfred Nuñez Jr., Christian Pramas, Anthony Ragan, Andrew Rilstone, Ken Rolston, Carl Sargent, Chris Sham, Brendon a.k.a. “Skiboo”, Ken and Jo Walton, and the blessed James Wallis

I relied on the excellent WFRP 2nd Edition conversions of all the 1st Edition NPCs in the books provided by Patrick Füngerlings (bottom of the page).

Banner picture stolen borrowed from Spires of Altdorf.

Campaign map cropped from Gitzman’s super huge (version 1?) adaptation of the Andreas Blicher and Alfred Nunez Jr. maps.

I’ve tried to include image credits in their captions, where possible. Let me know if I haven’t credited your work properly.

I’ve stolen borrowed text for several sources, most notably the original campaign books and Lexicanum, often correcting spelling and grammar errors in the process, so feel free to steal borrow from me too.

Extra thanks to the Seattle-based Journey to Madness group whose podcasted version of this campaign I found hugely entertaining and useful in preparing my own version.


Sham's The Enemy Within Spatula Spatula