Cult of the Jade Scepter

Jade Scepter Apparently based in Middenheim, this pleasure cult of Slaanesh was behind a scheme to poison and abduct children during the 2512 Two Moons’ Eve parade, then sacrifice them the next day on Geheimnisnacht. The abduction was successful, and the party only became aware of it too late to stop it. The ritual took place in an abandoned warehouse belonging to the Komission for Trade, and was disrupted just in time by the party, killing some cultists and dispersing the rest. The children were all saved.

Over the next week, the party tried to break into the home and offices of suspected cultist, Gotthard Goebbels, but were foiled quite a lot by increasing guard patrols. They were initially only able to connect the cult to someone named ‘Nikki’, but couldn’t work out who she was. Eventually, they raided the Goebbels mansion and uncovered a Slaaneshi orgy. Everyone and everything present was either killed or arrested by the Watch, as the building burned to the ground. Goebbels himself was revealed to be the missing Lord Gotthard von Wittgenstein of Castle Wittgenstein.

Documents relating to the Purple Hand include:

Known Members
Gotthard Goebbels deceased

Cult of the Jade Scepter

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