Cult of the Purple Hand

GestureA secret organization that seems to believe that Alric Konrad is Kastor Lieberung, a member of theirs, and has the 20,000 crowns that Lieberung promised to fetch them from B√∂genhafen. Not much is known about this group other than that they are well financed and large, with its members popping up to harrass Alric in Altdorf, Weissbruck and Kemperbad. There also appear to be members in Middenheim since that is where Lieberung’s gold was supposed to be delivered. There was also a suggestion that Lieberung himself might have had dealings in Marienburg in relation to the Carcinus Populi cult.

When the party went to Middenheim, they found only the slightest hints of Purple Hand involvement, possibly connected with the scheme of Law Lord Karl-Heinz Wasmeier. Far more visible in that city was the Cult of the Jade Scepter.

The cult has two known symbols. One is a seal, usually in purple wax, of a raised hand. The other is a gesture (seen above) that members seem to use to reveal themselves to other members. Alric has been marked by cultists twice since becoming mistaken for Lieberung, once with purple dye on his hand when he shook a cultist’s hand, and once more permanently when a cultist cast a curse on him that turned his whole left hand purple.

Documents relating to the Purple Hand include:

Known Members
Kastor Lieberung, the Magister Impedimentae deceased
“The Arch-Lumen” unknown
“Loorbeer & Kuhn” one is deceased, other is unknown
“The Magister Magistri” unknown

Cult of the Purple Hand

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