Events as They Transpired, from Various Perspectives


Season 1: Dying of the Light

(13 chapters over 13 sessions)
A prequel of sorts, wherein the party are first shaken from their comfortable city lives and comfortable city notions, discovering the sort of sleeping terrors that lie waiting to tear down civilisation and the sort of madmen who want to make this happen.

Season 2: Shadows Over Bögenhafen

(7 chapters over 12 sessions)
Wherein the party set out to find more Chaos to fight, stumbling over some minor horrors and a conspiracy of greed, but also finding themselves drawn by coincidence into a deeper plot that they have trouble perceiving.

  • Prologue: Whatever became of the Conquerors of Zahnarzt the Forgotten One?
Season 3: Death on the Reik

(13 chapters over 20 sessions)
Wherein the party travels back and forth a great deal, looking for profit, purpose and plot, with a great deal of initial confusion, but ultimately finding some of each in the overthrow of an evil barony.

Season 4: Power Behind The Throne, Part I

(7 chapters over 10 sessions)
Wherein the party are compelled to enjoy the Middenheim Carnival and rise surprisingly far in their social standing, invited all the way into the circle of nobles and high officials in the city palaces. However, little new or useful is done to fight the forces of Chaos.

  • Chapter 21: Middenheim, in which the party arrives at the City of the White Wolf and immediately soaks in the local culture.
  • Chapter 26: Champion!, in which Alric secures his title as city champion, and useful things about the city’s tax system are finally learned.
Season 5: Power Behind The Throne, Part II

(4 chapters over 10 sessions)
Wherein the party’s new high social standing is gradually leveraged into investigative gains, just enough that some lucky timing reveals a Chaos plot soon enough to stop it, and yet their ultimate reward is grim.

Events as They Transpired, from Various Perspectives

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