SnotballAlso known as Snotling Football. This is a game played in several parts of the Empire where greenskin incursions are common, and it is particularly popular in Middenheim. Some people come to its annual Carnival just to follow this ancient sport. Unfortunately, there is also strong culture of Snotball hooliganism.

Two teams of eleven players (with up to two substitutes) try to get a ball – a Snotling trapped in a spherical wicker cage – into the other team’s goal by any means possible. The field they play on is 100 Snotlings long by 42 Snotlings wide, and the goals are 5 Snotlings wide and 3 Snotlings high. Games last for two 30-minute halves with a 15 minute half-time break.

There are three main rules. First, no weapons or magic. Second, no player may be in physical contact with the ball as it crosses the goal-line. Third, no fouling; this last rule is a catch-all, and simply permits the referee to send players off for excessive violence, such as eye-gouging, throttling and so on.

Players wear leather jerkins dyed in their team colours with an identifying number on the back, leather trousers with plenty of shin-padding, tough leather boots and a mail coif. In the past, live Snotlings, drugged to keep them from biting too much, bound with leather straps into a roughly spherical shape were used, but today even the most hardened traditionalists now acknowledge that this is barbaric and unnecessary.

The Middenheimer United Confederation of Snotballers’ Cup league rankings are currently:

  1. Southgate Slammers
  2. Eastenders
  3. Bergsburg Teamsters
  4. Beeckerhoven Rangers
  5. Wolfrunner Coaches
  6. Castle Rock Coaches
  7. Middenheim Tailors & Weavers
  8. Middenheim Carpenters

There is also a Watchmen’s team, but they are too busy to play during the Carnival, and the Dwarven Engineers’ team has had to disband due to a player shortage.

During the 2512 Carnival Week, Piers de Bastonne became a late addition to the Castle Rock Coaches team, and proved surprisingly skilled, “for a smelly foreigner.”


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