Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 10: Making Scents on the Reik

Foul discoveries at every turn

Session 18
Attended: Alex, Brendon, Scot & Sita
Venue: Scot’s place

Covers events on 14 to 31 Pflugzeit.

As told by Alric Konrad (transcribed exactly from his written notes):
NEXT moRning mR VAn oORT (ouR PASSAngER) DAZED & confused
mer ssme fisHERmEn THey sAW THE BEASTmAns HEADon aoR
Bow And lET us THROugH.
LATEn WE sAw An ABAndonEd BOAT AnD clAimEd IT for
THE gREATER good. smells Funny. ARivEd AT ALTDORf.
THE fuzz ARE wAiTing on THE Dock. ComE on BoAdd
PAid 2 gold For Docilm FEEs. on wAy To TEmplE
of SigmA SomtoNE WAS Following us.
CompAnioni TRy To CATCH Him THEY mAnAgr ic gxT lfn
killsed. got TogETHER THE Elf HAS APiECE of
PAPER A WAiTTEO PosTER. SPEnT WisltT is inn (JAil)
And Buys THE BARREl For 1 silvER. WE WAS ROBBED.

GM’s Summary:
Leaving Zandt, the Ungenannt continues up the Reik, frightening fishermen with its gory new Beastman figurehead and passing Carroburg without stopping. They find an abandoned fishing boat, carrying a small cargo reeking with noxious fumes, which they clean up and salvage. In Altdorf, they are followed by a young man, and when Adelyn chases him, he falls under a speeding cart and soon dies. He appears to have some connection to the purple hand cult. The rest of the next 24 hours is spent on commerce and apparently fruitless investigation.


+10% XP to Alric, redeemed at the end of Chapter 10.

Spatula Spatula

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