Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 2: Mistaken Identity

"...from the forests to slay and burn..."

Session 4
Attended: Alex, Brendon, Francois, & Scot
Venue: Alex & Francois’s

Covers events on 15 to 18 Nachexen.

As told by Alric Konrad:
we left the ungrateful towns people and headed for the ruins , where we proceeded to track the chaos minions that had escaped earlier. after some tracking we lost the tracks the writing was on the wall so we followed the directions and found a room with a stone door which we opened easily and climbed down to explore. killed vampire and moved on to roadside inn.some of us decided to leave early and were attacked by bandits, some of our companions were left behind . the drunk and injured we helped on board . later that night we were attacked again we happily vanquished our chaos tainted enemies an old friend of mine was sadly killed in the battle but there was a silver lining it appears that the people who had been attacked before us had been on their way to meet me and deliver a letter from some lawyers informing me of an inheritance . we will look into that later. we got to another road inn where our injerd were healed. after which we left for altsdorf. we met a priest who told us how those of us who had been affected by daemon blood could be cured . we went to the pure spring that did in fat cure us . helping some injured folks on the way.
Alric Konrad days of raod travel

GM’s Summary:
The party tried to pursue the escaped mutants from the previous day up into the Hagercrybs, but failed to find them, instead stumbled across an old Elven vampire’s tomb. Returning to the Coach & Horses, Alric, Adelyn and Imhol hatched a scheme to steal the coach the rest of the party had hired to take them to Altdorf, but this turns instead into armed robbery as Gustav the Innkeeper is badly shot and at least one of the two coachmen are killed. Imhol also suffered massively from a horse hoof to the chest, and the very drunk Grombil winds up joining the coach-jackers without really understanding why. The rest of the party and the other legal passengers are left stranded. Along the way to Altdorf, the coach-jackers came across another coach that had just been attacked by mutants, and among the dead they found a well-dressed body that looked just like Alric, but with a beard, carrying a letter of inheritance.


+10% XP to Alric, redeemed at the end of Chapter 2.

Spatula Spatula

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