Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 4: Welcome to Bögenhafen

All the Fun of the Fair

Session 8
Attended: Alex, Brendon, Francois & Scot
Venue: Alex & Francois’s

Covers events on 2 to 12 Jahrdrung.

As told by Alric Konrad:
Well after much travelling and a minor spat or two with some Orcs and a small altercation in witch Imol died (he was a brave elf, if there is such a thing, his sanitary habits were more a bad habit than good but he did have some redeeming features … a pet bear and tendency to stand in the way of incoming arrows he will be missed ,mostly because he is no longer around to stand in the way of arrows) we arrived at the town of Bögenhafen. We went our separate ways, Adelyn Zumwald: went off on her own and the dwarf (grumpy) went with me to find my inheritance , after some searching we discovered much to my shock and disappoint that the whole inheritance thing (good by retirement :.<) was a scam I SHAL MAKE THE BASTARD PAY … darn just occurred to me that I have already ki.. failed dismally while trying to save his miserable life oh darn. We then went looking for trouble er I mean the rest of our party. We ended up in a tavern tent with two drunken dwarves one was grumpy never did catch his friends name. Adelyn Zumwald: brought an elf possibly to replace Imhol , this elf claimed to be able to do magic (the chaos tainted must die) he caused a small flame in my hand and some drunken wench started to shriek witch witch needless to say we were taken before a magistrate of some kind where it was proven conclusively that the drunken wench could indeed not hold her drunk and was incorrect in naming me a witch, and this elf does not even have a pet bear I must have a word with Adelyn Zumwald: about picking up strays . All in all an acceptable first day at the Bögenhafen fair. Tonight we will do some shopping I think…
first day at fair as told by Alric Konrad adventurer.

GM’s Summary:
The Weissbruckers, still favourable towards the party, warn them that a road warden patrol is headed for the town, apparently looking for them. Grombil suggests they turn themselves in, but everyone else insists on leaving immediately. After a few days sailing up the Bögen, the Maria is blocked by debris in the river and fired upon by goblin archers, who badly wound Imhol. Further upstream, they find a wrecked barge with signs that its crew and cargo might have been taken into the woods by orcs. Following the trail all day, they eventually reach the orcs’ camp. An effective assault was launched that wiped out the superior number of orcs, but Imhol was killed by an orcish archer in the process. The prisoners and cargo (belonging to House Steinhäger) were rescued and taken to their end destination at Bögenhafen. The party explored the partially set up fair grounds, meeting a dangerously drunken dwarf, who they got out of trouble with the law, and an evasive elf entertainer, who got them into trouble with the law.


+10% XP to Alric, redeemed at the end of Chapter 4.

Spatula Spatula

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