Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 7: Barns & Bandits

New boat, old faces

Session 13
Attended: Alex, Brendon, Scot & Sita
Venue: Scot’s

Covers events on 20 and 21 Jahrdrung.

As told by Alric Konrad (transcribed exactly from his written notes):
Sailing Down River To Weis BRook on second day
something snaged on branch colect Dead Body
killed by 3 cros Bow Bolts THREW IT BACK
Boat up AHEAd Hidden By TREE. All PREPARE for TRAP
HARPY Swoops Down on us missed shot
dwarf HiT STRing BRokE on my Bow HARPy flew off To
AT Sausage fEsT. Killed All Took SHip
To WEis BRook Sold All sTuff
REPlAcEd Picks And Bow STRings
mET HAlFling THiEf mAsTE
HE wAnTs us To find ELViRA KlEiNESTUM
SHE DisAPEARED 3 NigHTs Ago WHAS HER To Discus BusinEss
SHE is confiDEncE GiRl WAs BEing THRETEnED
OPERATE fRom HomE ADRESS givEn NORTH En(unreadable) HuPPy man PUB
DARK HAiR middle AgEd AvERAge looking symbol of RanAld THIEVE god
KnockEd on NABERS Door MEn 2 NigHTs Ago
looked AT HER HousE AgAin And found A BrokEn Window
SEARCHED Room Found A Blood TRAiL And HAnd wRiTEn NOTE
“THis is youR final wARning DElivER THE goods To THE REd BARn By sunset TONight”
in BAsmt BEHindE HiddEn Door Fully kittEd ApothocARy
wiTH A LiTTlE giRL LisA STAY AWAy fRom THE “HAppy man”
TAKE giRL To BARBER look AfTer Girl A(unreadable) REd BARn
WE REscEd GiRl ELVIRA KLEinsTum BaRn BuRnEd Down By Accedent

GM’s Summary:
Sailing down the Bögen, the Maria encounters mutants led by Heinz Schiller, attacking a barge stuck on an embankment. Schiller and all but one of the mutants are killed, and an elf woman, Ulshar Eldenkin, is the sole survivor of the boat’s original crew. She joins the party and the unnamed barge is claimed and re-crewed. The next day, they arrive in Weissbruck and the Maria travels on without the party, who are asked by Crum Grunberry to find a missing associate, Elvyra Kleinestun. An investigation quickly leads to the discovery that she’s been kidnapped and taken to a barn outside town, and soon she is rescued. Also, Grombil’s arms mutate into tentacles and he turns slayer, wrapping the arms up to hide them.


+10% XP to Alric, not yet redeemed.
Special once-off +1% XP to Grombil for successfully reading his adventure log to us off a mini-pretzel, not yet redeemed.


XP bonuses redeemed at end of Chapter 8.

Spatula Spatula

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