Sham's The Enemy Within

Enemy Within, Chapter 8: Profit, Loss and Vicious, Nasty Claws!

Bubble on a Bad Tide

Session 14
Attended: Alex, Brendon & Scot
Venue: Alex & Francois’s

Covers events on 22 to 27 Jahrdrung.

As told by Alric Konrad (transcribed exactly from his written notes):
STayed in inn oVER NigHT
NEXT moRning visit BARBE siRjin for HEAling And PAinTing
HEAD To BOAT To TRANSPORT PAinTing TO meRiAnBuRgPurplehandsign
Pot SAlEs MAn mAde sign TO me SHook Hand mAdE IT PURPLE. AskEd HEAd THiEf for info ABout PURPLE HAnd (Purple Sign oF DEATH magic scHool) RigHT HAnd
SAiLED TO mARiANBURg RoBEd ALL mony gone PoisEned
For JoB AnD info TALKED TO ’THE Glove mAsTER"
no info onto mARiAnBuRg somE DAys LATER.
Look for THIEVES Guild Yes No PRoBLEm. GR muRDER
find culpRET. GUARD AT WARE HOUsE KillEd under THievEs PRoTEction
(unreadable) klARs SmiTs LEO VAn SHelt FAmily THE PElicAn THEVe Guild
PAssword CABBAgE Hendric FollowERs (unreadable) RElATEd
SEE Body of guARD

GM’s Summary:
After a night in the Trumpet Inn, the party collects the painting of Ranald and takes it to the docks to find a suitable container to safely transport it in. There, a pair of strangers selling pots and pans make a gesture at Alric that they last saw in Altdorf. One of them shakes his hand, leaving it stained with purple ink, then they disappear into the town. The barge stops as night falls at the end of their first day of sailing down river to Marienburg, and after dinner everyone suffers odd symptoms and passes out. They wake up to find many items stolen from them, with their only positive lead being a scrap of parchment marked with the same symbol seen on the warning note found in Elvyra Kleinestun‘s house. Further down river, the Carroburg Thieves’ Guild is unable to help. Eventually, in Marienburg, the painting is delivered to Hans von Kleptor, who knows nothing of the warning symbol, has some leads about the purple hand symbol, and also asks the party to investigate a murder.


+10% XP to Alric, not yet redeemed.


XP bonus redeemed at end of Chapter 8.

Spatula Spatula

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