Length: 16m
Movement: 3
Toughness Bonus: 5
Wounds: 75
Capacity: 45,000 Encumbrance

Owners: Josef & Gilda Quartjin
Captain: Captain Josef Quartjin
Crew: 2


The Berebeli is a clapped-out old river barge that most of the party never actually saw when they met its captain, Josef Quartjin, although Adelyn Zumwald had sailed with him in the past. At the start of 2512, the Berebeli was stuck in an Altdorf drydock for unavoidable repair work, so Quartjin hired the party and their ship, the Maria to carry the cargo of wine he’d arranged to Bögenhafen, then return him and his wife, Gilda, to Altdorf to put the Berebeli back on the water.


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