Emperor Wilhelm

Luxury river liner


Length: 27m
Movement: 2
Toughness Bonus: 5
Wounds: 100
Capacity: 176 passengers, their luggage and provisions

Owner: Hindelin Lines
Captain: Unknown
Crew: 19


The Emperor Wilhelm is a luxury river liner, named after Wilhelm III, “the Wise”, ancestor of the present Emperor Karl Franz. Run by the large and powerful Hindelin Lines of Altdorf, it plies the river Reik from Altdorf to Nuln. Built by the Spee boatyards in Altdorf in 2509, the Magnus and its sister-ships the Emperor Magnus (Altdorf-Marienburg) and Emperor Luitpold (Altdorf-Berghafen) give the Hindelin Lines an unrivalled luxury fleet. The ‘Emperor’-class river liners are much favoured by wealthy merchants, those on Imperial business and the lesser nobility.

Emperor Wilhelm

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