Krunk Az

Dwarf great axe

weapon (melee)

Craftsmanship: Best
Enc: 180
Group: Two-handed
Damage: SB
Qualities: Impact, Slow


A long, heavy, dark-metalled great axe of unusual but clearly dwarven construction.

Due to the unusual, unclear runic script written on it, there is some uncertainty over whether the name of this weapon is Krunk Az (meaning “disaster axe”) or Krunkaz (meaning a literal rockfall). The only other writing on the axe appears to spell out “MLARH,” but this is just as unclear. Apart from these, there are other runes depicting bulls’ heads.

The axe was used by Big Boss Morbog Throatslitta in his assault on Weissbruck, and when he was killed, Grombil claimed it for himself. It appears to have some magical effects, but Grombil has not worked out exactly what they are; one probable effect was the mutation of Grombil’s arms into tentacles. After this, Grombil stopped using the weapon, and a few days later, it was stolen along with several other items in the Great Barge Robbery.

Krunk Az

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