Estalian Sloop


Length: 15m
Movement: 4
Toughness Bonus: 5
Wounds: 45
Capacity: 25,000

Captain: Mormacar
Crew: 3 (Juan Ramón Jiménez, Gabriel García Márquez and Jacinto Benavente, owed 8 shillings/week each)


A small sailing ship of Estalian origin that was docked in Marienburg during the Morrslieb eclipse panic of 2511. The captain and senior crew all fled the city over land, leaving only a skeleton crew of junior sailors (who only speak Estalian) to guard the ship. The Maria was temporarily commandeered by the party and afterwards the crew agreed (through sign language or something) to accept Mormacar as their new captain.

After some months serving as the party’s main transport, Mormacar and his crew, along with Svorgen Gotgottlesonand Josef Quartjin, decided they’d rather not have the authorities chasing after them so much, and so split from the party, dropping them in Weissbruck with the newly acquired Ungenannt, and sailing down the canal to Altdorf.

Due to its slim, shallow hull, it is suitable for both ocean and river travel, except in the roughest waters.


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