Keel Barge


Length: 18m
Movement: 3
Toughness Bonus: 8
Wounds: 95
Capacity: 15,000 Encumbrance (plus 5,000 set aside for the alchemy lab)

Owner: None (derelict)
Captain: Formerly Adelyn Zumwald
Crew: 3 (duties performed by party members on ad hoc basis)

Ungenannt refit 3 view with croc


Technically speaking, this vessel is of the keel type. Keels are square-rigged, square-sterned barges, with a simple hold, a main deck and a raised, canvas-covered shelter aft. Constructed using Norse clinker-build techniques, they have been found on the Reik for many centuries. They require a minimum of three crewmen, although as many as five are needed if sailing night and day non-stop.

This river barge was found by the Maria on the Bögen River, under attack by mutant raiders under the leadership of Heinz Schiller. The previous crew had all been killed, and only Ulshar Eldenkin was found alive in the hold. Since it had already been agreed that the Maria and the party would be parting ways, it was decided the new boat would be claimed by the party for their own use. Its cargo of wool was transferred to the Maria and the two vessels travelled together as far as Weissbruck before parting ways. It was officially renamed the ‘Ungenannt’ while the party were in Marienburg, with the name painted on the hull in stunning purple paint.

It had a small alchemy workshop (more like a robust, water-proof, compact apothecary table) installed on the bow end of the main deck, allowing Alric Konrad to make complex potions and poisons wherever the party travels. A Stuffed Crocodile, taken from Etelka Herzen‘s tower, was also bound to the mast, as a sort of figurehead. Later, Alric had the Ungenannt modified so that the forward quarter of the hold was sealed off as a special alchemy lab, with the apothecary table moved in there, and with permanent bunks in the hold replacing the hammocks previously hung on the main deck. He also had a wooden structure built under the canvas shelter aft, with the stuffed crocodile moved on top of that. Removable wooden parapets were also installed, and a brass name plate replaced the purple paint, with a second name plate, reading ’River Doctor’, hidden under the first.

When the party began attacking the baron’s guards in Wittgendorf, the Ungenannt was seized from the wharf there and impounded below Castle Wittgenstein. Following the rebels’ conquest of the castle and the Skavens’ subsequent destruction of it, the party were only just able to sail their boat back out onto the open river before tonnes of rock collapsed down into the castle dock.

The Ungenannt then sailed to Kemperbad, where it was due to carry a cargo for Mathias Blucher to Marienburg, only to mysteriously catch fire and sink one night, during a party at Blucher’s mansion.


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