Ex-Player Characters

Player characters either killed, formally retired, or simply never played anymore (“inactive”).

  • Alric Reiss, Human priest of Sigmar, retired (2511)
    Alric Reiss – Scot
  • Grombil, Dwarven-mutant slayer, retired (2512)
    Grombil – Scot
  • Imhol, Wood Elf ranger-priest, deceased (2512, shot by orc archer)
    Imhol – Francois
  • Magnus Richardt, Human sergeant of the Reikland road wardens, inactive
    Magnus Richardt – Nali
  • Mormacar, Sea Elf boat captain, inactive
    Mormacar – Stef
  • Norovir, High Elf mageling, retired (2511)

    blank – Scot

  • Peter Peters, Human thief, deceased (2511, executed by Magnus Richardt)

    blank – Alex

Ex-Player Characters

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